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Dragon Fruit Spain

The production of dragon fruit in Spain is relatively recent, except for the production that has been carried out in the Canary Islands for many years due to the similarity in the tropical climate, native to Pitahaya.

Pitaber Dragon Fruit Spain Canary Islands

Pitaber was the pioneering Canarian company in Pitahaya in Spain. Isora García is a great friend of Dragón Ibériko, and it is always a pleasure to exchange our knowledge and varieties of dragon fruits with her.

First Dragon Fruit Production Spain

In the Iberian Peninsula, Pitahaya production began only a few years ago, with the first years of large-scale fruit commercialization in 2023.

Dragon Fruit Spain Production
Dragon Fruit Spain Production
Dragon Fruit Spain Production

Currently, Dragón Ibériko stands as the leader in Spain for Pitahaya, being one of the largest plantations with 8 hectares of production, and one of the four suppliers that provides Pitahaya to Mercadona.

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