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Brunch Degustation Pitahaya · Dragon Fruit

We've prepared a very special tasting menu for our friends at @TV7RM, based on a very Instagramable brunch thanks to its striking colors and textures. The new rose gold has become a superfood, according to the WHO.

We begin with a Pitahaya Water, chef and producer Juan José delights us with this particular drink based on the famous warm lemon water on an empty stomach, but this time with one more ingredient: the pitahaya, which provides the striking pink color, in addition to the thousands of beneficial properties for health, complementary to the vitamins and alkaline diet of lemon.

Next, we have the Pitahaya Smoothie, made only with Red Pitahaya and natural yogurt. Its texture and its bubblegum pink color, together with the sprigs of mint, make it a very refreshing and attractive drink.

To start with breakfast, we have prepared a Smoothie bowl, with a base of Pitahaya, natural yogurt, oats, and banana; and blueberries, raspberries, walnuts, banana, and mint for its decoration. This is a gastronomic concept that has become very fashionable in recent years, both in restaurants in large cities and on Instagram, being one of the most photographed recipes by pitahaya users and consumers. Additionally, we have accompanied it with a delicious Homemade Pitahaya Jam.

Continuing with a combination that we love: Cheese Skewers with Dragon Fruit. This mixture has been used considerably in recent years by pitahaya producers: being a fruit with a mild flavor and a very addictive texture thanks to its seeds and the large amount of water it contains, it is a key ingredient to combine with other stronger flavors such as cheese. An example of this is its great popularity in haute cuisine in dishes like gourmet tropical salads.

We continue with a very original idea for cooking with our favorite fruit: Mini toasts with Pitahaya mayonnaise and caviar. This was undoubtedly one of the discoveries of this menu, as a mayonnaise of this color had never been seen before (without using processed sauces like ketchup in the typical pink sauce). This sauce, delicious to eat with bread or in salads, has a very soft flavor that reminds us of yogurt cream. Its ingredients are only milk, oil, and pitahaya, and its light pink color makes it even more attractive and peculiar.

Lastly, but not least, we end the brunch with Pitahaya in its most common form: as dessert, cut into small pieces and very, very cold. Both its red pulp variety and its white pulp variety are ideal for eating alone, and in summer they become addictive due to the large amount of water they contain, making them super refreshing, in addition to the taste of their seeds and their soft and tender texture reminiscent of kiwi, watermelon, or fig.

We hope you have loved our ideas for cooking with Pitahaya. Soon, we will publish a special post talking about the benefits and the many properties that our Dragon Fruit has for health.

Next, we provide the report for TV7RM news:

[Video begins with a shot of the Dragón Iberiko farm in Águilas, Murcia, where the camera pans over the rows of Pitahaya plants]

Narrator: "Today, we take you on a journey to discover the fascinating world of Pitahaya, also known as Dragon Fruit. We visit Dragón Iberiko, a pioneering farm located in Águilas, Murcia, that is leading the way in Pitahaya cultivation in Spain. This family-owned business specializes in the production of this tropical fruit, which has been gaining popularity in recent years."

[Cut to an interview with the farm owner, Juan José, who is standing in front of rows of Pitahaya plants]

Juan José: "At Dragón Iberiko, we've been working tirelessly to increase our production of Pitahaya and to introduce different varieties of this fruit to the market. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest and most delicious Pitahaya possible."

[Cut to a shot of Juan José demonstrating how to harvest Pitahaya]

Narrator: "Harvesting Pitahaya is a delicate process that requires careful attention to detail. The fruit must be harvested at just the right time to ensure optimal flavor and quality."

[Cut to a shot of a worker picking Pitahaya]

Narrator: "Once harvested, the fruit is carefully packed and shipped to markets across Spain and beyond. The fruit's striking appearance and unique flavor make it a popular choice among consumers."

[Cut to a shot of a Pitahaya smoothie being made]

Narrator: "But it's not just the taste of Pitahaya that makes it special. This tropical fruit is also packed with nutrients and is known for its health benefits."

[Cut to a shot of a nutritionist discussing the health benefits of Pitahaya]

Nutritionist: "Pitahaya is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it a great addition to a healthy diet. It's also low in calories and high in fiber, making it a perfect choice for those looking to maintain a healthy weight."

[Cut to a shot of a Pitahaya smoothie bowl being served]

Narrator: "At Dragón Iberiko, they're not just growing Pitahaya; they're also creating unique and delicious recipes using this versatile fruit. From smoothie bowls to salads to cocktails, Pitahaya can be enjoyed in many different ways."

[Cut to a shot of a cocktail being poured]

Narrator: "So, whether you're looking for a healthy snack or a refreshing drink, Pitahaya has you covered. Visit Dragón Iberiko today and discover the magic of this tropical fruit."

[Video ends with a shot of the Dragón Iberiko farm]

Narrator: "This has been a special report from TV7RM. Thank you for joining us."

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