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Design & Style 路 Drag贸n Ib茅riko Presentation and Format 馃惒馃悏

At Drag贸n Ib茅riko, we work on our brand's branding with a lot of care and affection, incorporating a new slogan: "Let's do Pink 馃┓"

Logo y eslogan Drag贸n Ib茅riko Pitahayas

Drag贸n Ib茅riko is a family-owned business that was born from a passion for agriculture and, in particular, for the exotic and novel Pitahaya, also known as Dragonfruit. Since 2019, we have been working on our crops, increasing production and the different varieties of this fruit, which is starting to become known in our country with great popularity.

Mesa invernadero Pitahaya Ideas Recetas

Our production calendar ranges from late May, early June for the first harvests, to late December, early January.

Calendario temporada Pitahayas Drag贸n Ib茅riko

In 脕guilas, the warm and humid microclimate typical of the Mediterranean makes the production of this fruit ideal for its cultivation. Currently, we have 8 hectares of dragon fruit production, both red and white pulp.

We work with the cardboard box format (cube) of 3.5/4kg, with dimensions 40x30x14 and in our own brand Drag贸n Ib茅riko or Generic. The most commercial sizes are 10 and 12, although we also make size 6 for white pulp pitahaya and up to 16/18 for red, according to the varieties and seasonal conditions.

Formato cajas Pitahayas Drag贸n Ib茅riko

While varieties of Pitahaya are commonly distinguished between red pulp and white pulp, the truth is that there are infinite varieties within each one. At Drag贸n Ib茅riko, we continue to learn every day and discover new varieties little by little, with the aim of finding a unique flavor and quality.

Grados Brix Pitahaya Drag贸n Ib茅riko

Dragonfruit is considered as "the trendy fruit," "the Instagram fruit," or "the new rose gold." Its exotic appearance and attractive colors make any dish very striking and novel. But the most important thing is that the benefits of dragonfruit are many for our body, as its properties are a treasure from a nutritional point of view, which is why the WHO has been recommending its consumption in recent years. If you want to know more about the properties of Pitahaya or discover innovative and attractive recipes, don't forget to visit our other blog entries. Thank you for reading us and for getting here.

Dise帽o & Estilo Pitahayas Drag贸n Ib茅riko

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